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Her Highness's Helper

Helena's shop has not yet recovered after Scarlett's failure to run it.

When asking about the business you will be given a choice about how to respond:

Thank her +5 affection
Prompt her -5 affection

Offer to help

Beginning Quest Text

After asking Helena about her business, you discovered that she's barely managing to keep the place running. After expressing her desire to make some improvements to her shop, Helena revealed that she simply doesn't have the time nor inclination to do the work herself. Perhaps you could offer her your help?

Rec LevelLocationsEnemiesRewards
1 (6-10)Slaver's alleyN/A5 xp


  • Step 1 - Offer to help Helena
  • Step 2 - Pay 10,000 for the privilege gain 5 affection or don't pay and lose 10 affection
  • Step 3 - Get supplies from Backroom

Completed Quest Text

You offered to help Helena make some improvements to her shop.

Purchase Paint

Beginning Quest Text

Helena revealed that the first thing she wants done is to have the entire exterior of her shop repainted. Having provided you with no money for expenses, the harpy is expecting you to travel to 'Argus's DIY Depot' and buy a can of 'Purple-star' branded golden paint. Once you've bought it, you need to return to Helena.

Rec LevelLocationsEnemiesRewards
Level 1Slavery AdministrationScarlett10 xp, Slave Collar


  • Step 1 - Describe the first step of the quest (for example: where to go first).
  • Step 2 - Describe the second step of the quest (for example: who to talk to).
  • Step 3 - …
  • .

Completed Quest Text

In-game description of the quest, found on your character's phone after completion.