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Bed & Board

Looking for roommates, as opposed to slaves. Requires a Random NPC with 50 affection to unlock the quest.

Lilaya the Landlord

Beginning Quest Text

After getting to know one of the residents of Dominion's alleyways, you'd like to offer them a real home. Lilaya's mansion is full of empty rooms, so you should ask her if you could use one to house your new friend.

Rec LevelLocationsEnemiesRewards
1Alley tile, Lilya's LabRandom NPC5 xp


  • Step 1 - Go talk to Lilaya

Completed Quest Text

Lilaya gave you permission to use the empty rooms to house your friends and family, on the condition that you pay for the expenses that are incurred.


Guest rooms cost 2000 flames and have daily upkeep of 100 flames. One guest per room. 2000 flames to change the room after guest moves out.