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Enchantments, Essences, and Jinxes

This quest is started after receiving an arcane essence from an enemy or by equipping anything with the jinxed enchantment. After completing the quest, the ability to craft potions and from your inventory and remove jinxed clothing is gained.

Ask Lilaya for help

Beginning Quest Text

You recently felt a strange force entering your body, and although it doesn't seem to have had any obvious effect, you should probably have it checked out. Lilaya is sure to know more, so perhaps you should go and talk to her about it.

Rec LevelLocationsEnemiesRewards
Level 1Lilaya's HomeN/A10 xp


  • After winning any fight, talk to Lilaya in her lab.

Completed Quest Text

Lilaya informed you that you're able to collect 'essences' from other people's arcane aura. She seemed a little worried that you're able to do this, as apparently it's normally only Lilin who are able to gather essences in this fashion…