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Alligator-morphs are one of the more common races of this world. They're almost exclusively found in the watery undercity of Submission, making them one of the rarer races to be seen walking the streets of Dominion, in spite of their significant population. Their large reptilian tails and alligator-like snouts make alligator-morphs very easy to identify.

Alligator-morphs are usually quite laid-back and easy-going, and prefer to live down in Submission to get away from the busy hustle-and-bustle of Dominion's streets. They also love swimming, and are responsible for having converted huge parts of Submission's tunnels into slow-flowing waterways. Being very similar in looks to the hyper-aggressive crocodile-morphs found in other parts of the world, alligator-morphs have, very unfairly, gained a slight reputation for being aggressive trouble-makers. In contrast to how most of the population see them, alligator-morph's personalities vary greatly between individuals, and are no more or less aggressive than any of the common morphs that roam Dominion's streets.

Alligator-morphs, like all non-demonic races, get heavily affected by arcane storms. Being exposed to arcane thunder will make alligator-morphs enter a potent mating frenzy, which, when combined with their great strength, makes them a dangerous foe to encounter during an arcane storm. This is yet another reason for their self-imposed exile to Submission, as they're able to escape the effects of arcane storms down there.

Alligator-morph pregnancies are a mix between mammalian and reptilian reproduction. They are impregnated in much the same way as a human, but instead of giving birth to live young, a clutch of eggs will grow inside an alligator-girl's womb once she's been fertilised. Pregnancy advances just like that of other common races, but when it comes time to give birth, the alligator-girl will seek out a safe place to lay her eggs. After incubating her clutch for for approximately eighteen to twenty-four hours, the alligator-morph's young will hatch, with the resulting offspring being a mixture of alligator-morphs and offspring of their partner's race.

Default NPC Attributes


Default female alligator-morphs will have the following:

  • Ass Size: 2 (Small)
  • Vagina Type: Alligator-Morph
  • Wetness: 7 (Drooling)
  • Capacity: 1 (Extremely Tight)
  • Elasticity: 7 (Elastic)
  • Cup Size: A
  • Lactation: 0 (None)

Default male alligator-morphs will have the following:

  • Ass Size: 2 (Small)
  • Penis Type: Alligator-Morph
  • Penis Size: 5 (Enormous)
  • Testicle Size: 4 (Huge)
  • Cum Production: 5 (Huge)

This list is not automatically generated and therefore may not contain every alligator-morph in the game.