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Angels look pretty much exactly how most people imagine them. Their bodies closely resemble that of a human's, with the exception of having a gigantic pair of white-feathered wings growing from their backs. Their skin, while similar to that of a human's, gives off a pale golden radiance at all times.

Although they fit the stereotypical appearance of an angel, these ones certainly don't act like their traditional counterparts. Boastful, loud, and incredibly vulgar, angels often make up stories about how powerful they are, despite the fact that they're actually only quite averagely-skilled when it comes to harnessing the arcane.

To an even greater extent than demons, angels are completely obsessed with sex. Their nymphomania is so severe that it's almost impossible for an angel to be able to go more than an hour without masturbating or seeking out sex.

An angel's offspring will be a mixture of more angels and offspring of their partner's race.