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Bat-morphs are a rare race, and are only found in significant numbers in the dark caverns that are linked to the undercity of Submission. Their bat-like wings and large ears are usually enough to identify someone as a bat-morph.

Bat-morphs mostly keep to themselves and, being nocturnal, they sleep in their caverns during the day and only come out at night. Thanks to their echolocation ability, which involves emitting ultrasonic squeaks to produce echoes, they can 'see' perfectly in pitch-black darkness. Bat-morphs are typically quite reclusive and shy, but, much like humans, their personalities may vary considerably between individuals.

Bat-morphs, like the other common races, get heavily affected by arcane storms. Being exposed to arcane thunder will make bat-boys enter a potent rut, while bat-girls will go into an intense heat; seeking to be bred by the first suitable partner that they can find.

Bat-morphs will give birth to one or two offspring at once. Their pregnancies work in exactly the same way as a normal human one.

Racial Trait

Racial PerksDescription
+5 Physique
+15 Lust Damage
Due to their unique echolocation ability, all bat-morphs have a natural desire to talk as much as possible. Due to this, you continuously play out conversations in your head, allowing you to think up new and exciting ways to seduce people before you having ever met them