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Not only are demons real, but they also conform to their stereotypical image. A pair of horns, bat-like wings, and a spaded tail, amongst other features, all mark a person as a demon. Demons are able to shift their bodies into any form they like, although the vast majority of them prefer to remain as females.

Demons are created in one of two ways. They are either born from a Lilin being impregnated by a demon, or they are created when a Lilin corrupts another race into becoming a demon. If a Lilin is impregnated by a non-demon, which is an extremely rare occurrence, their offspring will be half-demons, who are the lowest on the demonic social ladder.

Despite their alarming appearance, demons do not seem to be predisposed towards evil. In fact, the only personality trait that sets them apart from a regular human is that they're obsessed with sex. This is a result of their incredibly potent arcane aura, which, while being able to shield them from an arcane storm's effects, as well as granting them access to powerful arcane spells, causes them to crave sexual pleasure.

A demon's offspring will be a mixture of imps and offspring of their partner's race.

Mother/FatherLilinDemonHalf-demonHuman half-demonNon-demon HumanImp
DemonHalf-demonHuman half-demonHalf-demonHuman half-demonImp
DemonHalf-demonHuman half-demonHalf-demonHuman half-demonImp
Half-demonHalf-demonHuman half-demonHalf-demonHalf-demonImp
Human half-demonHuman half-demonHuman half-demonHuman half-demonImpImpImpImp
HumanHuman half-demonHuman half-demonHalf-demonImpNon-demonHumanImp

Default NPC Attributes


Default succubus will have the following:

  • Ass Size: 4 (Large)
  • Vagina Type: Demon
  • Wetness: 7 (Drooling)
  • Capacity: 1 (Extremely Tight)
  • Elasticity: 7 (Elastic)
  • Cup Size: F
  • Lactation: 0 (None)
  • Female Demon Horns

Default incubus will have the following:

  • Ass Size: 2 (Small)
  • Penis Type: Demon
  • Penis Size: 5 (Enormous)
  • Testicle Size: 4 (Huge)
  • Cum Production: 7 (Monstrous)
  • Male Demon Horns

Racial Trait


CorruptionSpell EfficiencyLust DamageSpell DamageDemonic Self-TransformationsImmune to potion Transformations

Half-Demon (Human or otherwise):

CorruptionSpell EfficiencyLust DamageSpell DamageDemonic Self-TransformationsImmune to potion Transformations

List of Demon Characters

This list is not automatically generated and therefore may not contain every demon in the game.