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From summoning forth shards of ice, to lifting objects by means of telekinetic powers, there are many different and varied ways in which the arcane can be harnessed. Of all the spells that are commonly known, however, none are as difficult or as draining to cast those that summon forth elementals.

By binding their arcane aura to one spell school or another, a highly-proficient arcane user can create an elemental seemingly out of thin-air. These elementals may appear to have a will of their own, but, while it is true that they are capable of taking independent action, it has been proven by arcane researchers that they are being controlled by their summoner's subconciousness. That is to say, they are not generally regarded as living creatures in their own right, but simply a physical manifestation of the summoner's arcane aura.

As only the most powerful of demons are able to cast these summoning spells, there haven't many detailed studies conducted into the nature of elementals. What has been discovered, however, is that no matter which school an elemental is bound to, or how many times it is summoned and dispelled, the elemental is always the same core being, and will always identify itself by the same name. It is also a fact that, much like demons, the vast majority of elementals choose to take form of a female.