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Fox-morphs are a common anthropomorphic race, spread throughout both Dominion and the forested areas nearby. Fox-morphs are very cunning and mischievous, and love nothing more than playing practical jokes on others.

Due to their love for trickery, fox-morphs are believed to be insensitive to the feelings of others, but they see their own behaviour as little more than a harmless prank. Despite this, there's little trust ever placed in the fox-morphs of Dominion. Often enough, some of them move out of the city so they can live freely, and there are some places in the nearby forests which are inhabited almost entirely by fox-morphs and related races.

Fox-morphs, like the other common races, get heavily affected by arcane storms. Their mischief then takes on a noticeably more sexual bend, as they then try to have their way with others, sometimes forgoing all pretence of trickery in favor of force.

A fox-morph's offspring will be a mixture of fox-morphs and offspring of their partner's race.

Racial Trait

Critical ChanceCritical Damage

The same trait also applies to Fennec-morphs.