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Youko's are a subspecies of fox-morphs, characterised by their greater command over magic. Most of the fox-morph's qualities remain within youko, but they revere a patron Lilin as a goddess. They have a strong mastery of illusion-based magic, which they use to play pranks on others.

Emboldened by their demonic patron and the power that she affords, aggressive youko's are notably more dangerous than their more mundane cousins. Of the youko individuals who cause mischief, their mischief also takes a more intricate and cruel bend, aided by their enhanced command over illusory arts. Due to this, there have been many attempts to force youko's out of Dominion, but due to their strong illusion magic, all efforts have so far been in vain.

Youkos can naturally acquire extra tails, topping out at a maximum of nine tails. Their tails are almost always an indication of their ability with illusion magic.

The youko race is mainly divided between two philosophies; the worship of their patron Lilin as a benevolent being, or as a trickster goddess. They know a large amount amount of magic, which is limited to illusion-based spells.

Malicious youko's will only rarely seek to breed with other races, instead inflicting orgasm-denial on their defeated foes. A youko's offspring will be a mixture of youko's and offspring of their partner's race.