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Humans are the least numerous of all the races that inhabit this world.

Although some people appear to be human on first glance, a fluffy pair of ears, a swishing tail, or a concealed bestial cock will often end up betraying their status as a partial-morph of one race or another. Those few humans who do inhabit this world are typically unable to harness the arcane. The humans here are much like those from your universe, and have wildly varying personalities, body types, and sexual preferences.

Humans are a peculiarity of this world when it comes to matters of reproduction. While all other races give birth to offspring of their own race, human offspring will always be of the same race as the father.

Default NPC Attributes


Default human women will have the following:

  • Ass Size: 4 (Large)
  • Vagina Type: Human
  • Wetness: 2 (Moist)
  • Capacity: 2 (Tight)
  • Elasticity: 4 (Limber)
  • Cup Size: C
  • Lactation: 0 (None)

Default human men will have the following:

  • Ass Size: 2 (Small)
  • Penis Type: Human
  • Penis Size: 2 (Average)
  • Testicle Size: 2 (Average)
  • Cum Production: 3 (Average)

Racial Trait

Racial PerksDescription
+5 Physique
+2 Lust Shielding
Humans have a much higher resistance to the arousing effects of the arcane than any other race