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Other than their diminutive height (with most individuals standing at around three feet tall), an imp's appearance is identical to that of a demon. Despite their similar appearances, however, imps are far more mischievous and aggressive than their larger counterparts. Due to these antisocial personality traits, Dominion's enforcers always drive imps out of the city at first sight, with the vast majority of them ending up down in the undercity of Submission.

Just like demons, imps are immune to all racial transformations, and, while they're still affected by non-racial transformation potions, they lack the demon's ability to shape-shift their own bodies at will. Again, in similarity to demons, there's no way to transform someone into an imp through use of standard potions. The only way that an imp can be created is by being the offspring of the resulting pregnancy between a demon and a non-Lilin.

Individually, imps are very weak, and so for their own protection (as well as for the increased opportunity to cause mischief), they will naturally form gangs of up to five or six members. The leader of these gangs is typically the largest one of the group, and is referred to as the alpha imp. Although most of the time these gangs are content to fight amongst themselves, they occasionally work up the courage to assault larger races. There have even been cases of imps sneaking up out of Submission during an arcane storm; making the most of the lack of enforcers to assault anyone in sight.

An imp's offspring will always be more imps.

Racial Trait


CorruptionLust ResistDemonic Self-TransformationsImmune to potion Transformations


CorruptionLust ResistDemonic Self-TransformationsImmune to potion Transformations