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Rabbit-morphs are one of the most common races to be found in the Foloi Fields, and are also occasionally to be seen wandering the streets of Dominion. Their large rabbit-like ears and round, fluffy tails are usually enough to identify someone as a rabbit-morph.

The vast majority of rabbit-morphs are obsessed with breeding and being bred. Although their personalities can vary wildly between individuals, they all share the same primal instinct to produce as many offspring as possible.

Rabbit-morphs, like the other common races, get heavily affected by arcane storms. Being exposed to arcane thunder will make rabbit-boys enter a potent rut, while rabbit-girls will go into an intense heat; seeking to be bred by the first suitable partner that they can find.

Rabbit-morphs will typically give birth to two to eight offspring at once. Their pregnancies work in exactly the same way as a normal human one.

Average Stats


Masculine: Rabbit-boy
Feminine: Rabbit-girl

An anthropomorphic rabbit, known as a 'rabbit-morph' when bipedal, and a 'rabbit-taur' when the lower body is that of an oversized feral rabbit.​”

Height1.6m (?'?“)1.7m (?'?”)
Breast sizeCFlat
Penis size-18cm (?“)
Vaginal capacitySlightly loose (n)-
Racial PerksDescription
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Masculine: Lop-rabbit-boy
Feminine: Lop-rabbit-girl

An anthropomorphic rabbit which has floppy ears instead of the usual upright ones.​ Known as a 'lop-rabbit-morph' when bipedal, and a 'lop-rabbit-taur' when the lower body is that of an oversized feral lop-rabbit.​“