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In terms of sheer numbers, rat-morphs can be counted as a very common anthropomorphic race. Despite their significant population however, the vast majority of rat-morphs choose to live in the undercity of Submission, making them a rare sight in all other parts of the world. Their long, naked tails, twitching nose, and rounded, rodent-like ears are usually enough to identify a rat-morph.

Rat-morphs have a rather poor reputation, and are often accused of being criminals or troublemakers. There is more than a little truth in these accusations, as Submission's rat-morph society regards thievery, skulduggery, and subterfuge as highly desirable traits. Their immense fondness for these characteristics has resulted in the most notorious of Submission's thieves being regarded as folk heroes among the rat-morph population.

Rat-morphs, like the other common races, get heavily affected by arcane storms. Being exposed to arcane thunder will make rat-boys enter a potent rut, while rat-girls will go into an intense heat; seeking to be bred by the first suitable partner that they can find.

Rat-morphs will give birth to up to four offspring at once. Their pregnancies work in exactly the same way as a normal human one.

Racial Trait

Racial PerksDescription
+10 Corruption
+15% Poison Damage
+5 Poison Shielding
Your body is very hardy, and you have both a high resistance to, and affinity with, arcane poison