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Slimes are one of the rarer races of this world. The vast majority of their population resides in the watery undercity of Submission, but they can also be found in small numbers all over the world. Slimes are very easy to identify, as their entire body is made out of gooey slime, with a glowing core in the place where their heart should be. Slimes have the ability to morph their body at will. As a result of this, you can often find slimes that look like one of the other races, while maintaining their wet and slimy body.

Just like most races, the personality of slimes differs greatly from individual to individual, with the vast majority being pleasant, law-abiding citizens. However, there is a minority who believe that their diet should consist solely of sexual fluids, and these troublemakers have show no hesitation in attacking innocent travellers to milk for their next meal. Slimes survive entirely on a liquid diet, transforming any fluid that they ingest (or extract out of absorbed solids) into more slime. Just like any other liquid, their slimy bodies evaporate over time, requiring them to maintain a regular fluid intake.

Slimes, like all non-demonic races, get heavily affected by arcane storms. Being exposed to arcane thunder will make slimes desperately seek out someone to milk for fluids. Upon finding and subduing a suitable target, slimes will continuously milk their victim until their hunger is well satisfied.

Slime pregnancies work in a very different manner to all others. Regardless of whether a slime looks feminine or masculine, or whether they have transformed to give themselves a vagina or not, all slimes can be impregnated. If any cum reaches their core, new cores may later split off, before growing inside them for the same length of time as a regular pregnancy. When fully grown, the parent slime will split into multiple new slimes, with each of the new cores moving into a new slime body.

Racial Trait

Racial PerksDescription
+25 Corruption
+100 Physical Shieding
-100 Unarmed Damage
Can Morph Body At Will
Impregnated Through Any Orifice
Due to your soft, slimy body, you arer are almost completely immune to physical damage, but you is also unable to inflict any serious unarmed damage. You can also morph your body at will, allowing you to take on any form you desire.


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