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 ===== Racial Trait ===== ===== Racial Trait =====
-^Physical Damage^Physical Resist^Can Morph Body at will^Impregnated Through ​any Orifice| +^Racial Perks^Description| 
-|-100|+100| ​  ​| ​  |+|+25 Corruption \\ +100 Physical ​Shieding \\ -100 Unarmed ​Damage ​\\ Can Morph Body At Will \\ Impregnated Through ​Any Orifice|Due to your soft, slimy body, you arer are almost completely immune to physical damage, but you is also unable to inflict any serious unarmed damage. You can also morph your body at will, allowing you to take on any form you desire.|
 \\ \\