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Wolf-morphs are a common anthropomorphic race that can be found almost anywhere. Possessing a shaggy tail, upright ears, and hungry wolf-like eyes, wolf-morphs can sometimes be mistaken for a dog-morph at first glance.

Unlike dog-morphs, however, wolf-morphs are extremely unpredictable, and although they sometimes share the same energetic mannerisms as dog-morphs, they often focus their energy on trying to assert their dominance. Wolf-morphs typically have short tempers and a primal instinct to prey on the weak. As a result, many people try to avoid encounters with wolf-morphs, finding them to be more trouble than they're worth.

Wolf-morphs, like the other common races, get heavily affected by arcane storms. Being exposed to arcane thunder will fill wolf-boys with the overwhelming desire to assert their dominance over anyone they meet, while wolf-girls will go into heat.

A wolf-morph's offspring will be a mixture of wolf-morphs and offspring of their partner's race.

Default NPC Attributes


Default female wolf-morphs will have the following:

  • Ass Size: 3 (Normal)
  • Vagina Type: Wolf-Morph
  • Wetness: 4 (Slimy)
  • Capacity: 2 (Tight)
  • Elasticity: 4 (Limber)
  • Cup Size: C
  • Lactation: 0 (None)

Default male wolf-morphs will have the following:

  • Ass Size: 2 (Small)
  • Penis Type: Lupine
  • Penis Size: 3 (Large)
  • Testicle Size: 3 (Large)
  • Cum Production: 5 (Huge)

Racial Trait

Physical DamageUnarmed Damage

List of Wolf-morph Characters

This list is not automatically generated and therefore may not contain every wolf-morph in the game.