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Name of Character

Name of Character - Size 24, Bold, Normal

Physical Description

SpeciesRace - Greater Demon
GenderSex - Female
HeightHeight in cm - 170cm
Hair ColourColour - Black
Eye ColourColour - Purple
Skin ColourColour - Liliac
Breast SizeCup Size - E-cup
LactationLactation in ml - 10ml
Penis SizeSize as word (in inches) - Huge (5 inches)
Testicle SizeSize as word - Huge
Cum ProductionAmount as word (in ml) - A huge amount (30ml)

Mental Description

FetishesList alphabetically using commas, Cum, Pregnancy

In-game description of the character

Slaves owned by the character / character is owned by


1020010Cum, PregnancyFertility Tease

Quest Involvement

Main Quest

  • Main Quest
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Side Quests

  • Side Quest
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