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 ^Species|Race - Greater [[:​wiki:​races:​demon|]]| ^Species|Race - Greater [[:​wiki:​races:​demon|]]|
 ^Gender|Sex - Female| ^Gender|Sex - Female|
-^Height|Height in cm - 170cm| +^Height|Height in cm - 170cm (Height in inches - 6'​9"​)
-^Hair Colour|Colour - Black+^Hair Colour|Colour, type Red hair
-^Eye Colour|Colour - Purple|+^Eye Colour|Amount, colour - Two amber eyes| 
 +^Horn Colour|Amount, colour - Two blue antennae| 
 +^Antenna Colour|Amount,​ colour - Four blue antennae| 
 +^Wing Colour|Size,​ colour - Large blue wings| 
 +^Tail Colour|Amount,​ colour - One green tail| 
 +^Arms|Amount - Two arms| 
 +^Legs|Amount,​ type Two unguligrade legs|
 ^Skin Colour|Colour - Liliac| ^Skin Colour|Colour - Liliac|
 ^Breast Size|Cup Size - E-cup| ^Breast Size|Cup Size - E-cup|
 ^Lactation|Lactation in ml - 10ml| ^Lactation|Lactation in ml - 10ml|
-^Penis Size|Size as word (in inches) -  Huge (5 inches)|+^Penis Size|Size as word (size in cm/​size ​in inches) - Huge (152cm/5')|
 ^Testicle Size|Size as word - Huge| ^Testicle Size|Size as word - Huge|
 ^Cum Production|Amount as word (in ml) - A huge amount (30ml)| ^Cum Production|Amount as word (in ml) - A huge amount (30ml)|
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 ^Sexuality|Ambiphilic| ^Sexuality|Ambiphilic|
-^Fetishes|List alphabetically using commas, Cum, Pregnancy|+^[[:​wiki:​standards:​​wiki:​doku.php?​id=wiki:​mechanics:​fetishes|Fetishes]]|List alphabetically using commas, Cum, Pregnancy
 +==== Attributes ==== 
 </​WRAP>​ </​WRAP>​
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 Slaves owned by the character / character is owned by Slaves owned by the character / character is owned by
-===== Stats ===== +=====   ​=====
- +
-^Level^Physique^Arcane^Corruption^Fetishes^Attacks| +
-|10|20|0|10|Cum,​ Pregnancy|Fertility Tease|+
 ===== Quest Involvement ===== ===== Quest Involvement =====