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Text displayed when hovering over item.

LocationBuy PriceSell Price
Ralph's Snacks¤30¤15 (buy price divided by 2)
Roxy's Fun Box¤48 (Ralph's buy price multipled by 1.7, rounded down to remove decimals)¤8 (buy price divided by 6; rounded down to nearest tenth or single-digit)
City Hall (do not list unique buy-only shops such as this one if the item can't be purchased there)¤30 (for unique items such as the offspring map)N/A


  • Restores 5% health
  • 1 physique to 'potion effects'


  • It can be obtained by defeating tree-morphs (refers to an item awarded on victory; NOT an item found in their inventory)
  • It has a base value of ¤20 (price shown when hovering over item outside of a store)