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 ====== Tree-morph ====== ====== Tree-morph ======
-'​Tree-morph Lore' from in-game encyclopedia+(Copy-paste ​'​Tree-morph Lore' from in-game encyclopedia ​here. example:​)\\ 
 +Tree-morphs are a very common race. Easily identified by their wood, branches, and tree-accent,​ tree-morphs can be found almost anywhere.\\ 
 +A tree-morph'​s offspring will be a mixture of tree-morphs and offspring of their partner'​s race.
 ===== Average Stats ===== ===== Average Stats =====
-note: core species is always the first item\\ +(note: core species is always the first itemadd subspecies in alphabetical order. So, "​Tree",​ "​Birch",​ "​Cedar",​ "​Oak",​ and "​Palm"​. '​T'​ comes //after// '​B',​ but because that's for the core species, it gets a pass.\\ 
-(add subspecies in alphabetical order)+no text should be included in this page, unless someone can think of something that should go in this section)
 <tabbox Tree-morph>​ <tabbox Tree-morph>​