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Compiling with Netbeans

Install Netbeans, select Java shit when installing

Download the dev branch into a zip file

Import the zip file to make the LT project

Note where the project's folder is because that's where the compiled files end up (in 'target')

Right-Click the Lilith's Throne project on the left side and hit Properties, or select the project then go to Project in the menu bar, then properties.

Make sure you're using the 1.8 JDK (if you're using a later JDK then you need to install javafx too, but if you're doing that you can figure it out)

Set your Main Class and hit the Okay button to save

Go to Run in the menu bar and hit 'Build'

Go to the project's directory, here Documents/Netbeans/LT/liliths-throne-public-dev / and go into the target folder, then copy the .jar and res folder into an install directory (or run it out of this one. Just remember if you delete the Netbeans project your game will disappear.)