Contributors please read the Wiki Guide!

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Wiki Guide

Contribution Guidelines


  • If you have plans to implement big changes on a certain page, discuss it on Discord first (in #wiki-discussion)
  • Document your changes! Add a summary of what you've edited if possible
  • Keep any text concise and easy to read. Use professional language so someone else can easily pick-up where you've left off
  • Keep your pages as consistent as possible with the rest of the wiki (in layout as well as language)
  • Try to make all of your edits in as few saves as possible to avoid cluttering the history
  • Contact Blue999, rfpnj or monster on Discord for any issues/complaints/questions/feedback regarding the wiki


  • Don't make any big changes to someone else's page without consulting with them on Discord
  • Try to prevent any spelling and/or grammar mistakes. Use a proofreader or autocorrect software if possible
  • Do not mention any easter eggs or other secrets on the wiki (for the time being)
  • Don't edit the front page or the contributor homepage without discussing it on Discord

Using DokuWiki

Since many of you will be used either to Wikia or MediaWiki, I shall go over some points about using DokuWiki as Wiki software.

Creating a New Page

In order to create a new page in DokuWiki, you have to search the location of where it will be within the Sitemap and then click the “Create” button at the top right or click ALT-E. Make sure that you get the directory correct.

Paragraph Formatting

Similarly to both Wikia and MediaWiki, DokuWiki uses Paragraph Formatting to improve the layout and uniformity of it's pages, you can change the format of text by selecting it and clicking the drop down box which will say the current format of the text. It is paramount that you only use this for changing the size and font of text as it may cause issues otherwise. In order to maintain uniformity, use italics (Ctrl A) to empthasise something.

In order to try and keep the Wiki organised, pages are organised within certain directories which can be found in the Sitemap, to see the Sitemap at any time, you can find a link to it under Tools in the Toolbar on the left side of the screen.

It is important you know the directories of this Wiki so that you can create links to pages which don't currently exist, directories in DokuWiki use the colon, ( : ) instead of the forward slash ( / ), however either can be used as it will automatically switch to the colon ( : ).

When creating a link on the page, if the link is external, you can simply paste the URL of the destination in the URL box in the window that opens immediately upon clicking the link button, but if you are making an internal link, click “Link Type” and choose Internal Link, you can then put the directory of the page in instead of the URL and what you wish the Link to appear as in the “Link Text” box.

By switching to the “Advanced” tab of the Link Window allows you to create links to specific parts of a page, for example, this link will take you to the Link and Sitemap Heading of this page.

The first box of the “Advanced” tab will not contain any options until you click the “Get Headings” button.

Adding Images

Because the editor used to create and edit pages on the Wiki doesn't function perfectly, in order to upload an image to a page, you cannot use the in-editor image upload, it will result in the image not uploading at all. Instead, enter the Media Manager, which can be found in the “Tools” section of the Toolbar. In here, you can navigate to the appropriate directory for the image (The same as the page) and upload the image before editing the page. Bare in mind that in order to select files to Upload you click the “Select Files…” text and not the “Upload” button which uploads the selected images.

Using the Wrap Plugin

The Wrap Plugin is used on the Wiki to provide a number of functions, notably infoboxes, there are too many features of the Wrap Plugin to cover all of them in this guide, therefore please consult the Wrap Plugin Documenation. If you are a frequent contributor and you need assistance learning how to use the Wrap Plugin, please ask Blue999 for assistance.

Wrap makes use of the <WRAP> tag to create divs, and the <wrap> tag to create spans.

Using the Abbr Plugin

The Abbr Plugin can be used to create tooltips like the one just shown, the Abbreviation Tooltip plugin uses the <abbr> tag, within the tags, first write the abbreviated form of the word, and then use square brackets ( [ ] ) to contain the full description.

You may want to read the Abbreviation Tooltip Plugin Documentation for further explanation.

Further Help

If you require further assistance, you can use Discord to contact either:

  • Blue999
  • monster
  • rfpnj

Or you might alternatively want to try using the specific help pages of DokuWiki and it's extensions: